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Plastic production

Are you going to start producing a new product or do you want to move production? We offer plastic production of products for a variety of applications, based on first-class expertise. We have the technology and expertise needed to produce plastic products for different sectors. Our technical expertise is high, with employees who have extensive industry experience. Together with our subsidiary Grepi Plast, we handle plastic production of Mezonic's own products, as well as commission production for large and small customers. We develop and manufacture polymer-based technical components for industrial customers with six spraying casting machines, including a 3-component casting machine.

The services we provide include

  • Adaptation of products for mass production
  • Construction of design tools, in cooperation with supplier – usually in Norway, Portugal or China
  • Follow-up during the production of form tools
  • Establishment of quality criteria and production parameters
  • Plastic production, as well as production follow-up at external partners
  • Assembly
  • Packaging

Our expertise

For quality assurance of an approved and fully developed plastic product, weight and visual inspection are the main indicators in relation to any quality deviations. We perform an accurate and daily monitoring of these parameters, including using regular microscopy studies of critical areas.

We use most thermoplasters in our production, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyamides (PA), thermoplastic rubber (TPE), styrene-based materials such as ASA and ABS, as well as advanced construction patches such as PPS and PPSU. This allows us to bring out products with very different properties from the completely soft materials to high-strength metal replacements, and to widely different applications ranging from medically certified packaging and to advanced technical components for our industrial customers.

Related Services

Do you want to develop a product or make product improvements? We help you develop the best possible product! We have particular expertise in what is required for the products to be produced in large volumes at the right price and quality. We are a centre of expertise for material technology and have special experience in choosing the right material.

Person handling 3D printing

Are you about to start production or do you need the production of small series? We can help you create a prototype. When testing the product, ensuring quality and avoiding unfortunate construction solutions that can lead to poor properties in the product, it is advisable to let those with expertise in this field take care of the job.

Machine in full production

Are you going to start producing a new product or do you want to move production? Our technical expertise in plastic production is high, with employees with extensive industry experience. With us you can start serial production, develop form tools or we can contribute to the after-production of industrial components and consumer products.

Related customer cases

New energy saving requirements

There has been a greater focus on saving energy consumption in the world, and with the new regulatory requirement in Europe related to energy savings, there is a need to find new solutions. Grepi Plast AS developed and patented a new special clamp for insulated pipes, which meets the latest regulatory requirements in Europe related to energy saving.

New requirements for corrosion safety and drainage capacity

SINTEF Byggforsk has new requirements for pipe-in-pipe systems for water supply in homes. The drainage capacity in a manifold cabinet should be at least 0.4 l/s and it should be corrosive. In 2015, Grepi Plast started the development of a manifold cabinet that would be adapted to new requirements in the industry.

Water damage, the largest type of damage suffered at insurance companies

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Water damage accounts for the largest type of damage among insurers. In a meeting between Pavels Innovation, Grepi Plast and Armaturjonsson, it was discussed how to prevent the water damage. The innovative solution was Arjonstop.

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