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CC Container

Versatile container - with many uses

The CC container is designed for all types of liquid or solid materials and by-products. It is a combined storage and transport container of 190 liters. 

The container is the highest UN-certified plastic container for hazardous waste on the market today. The injection-molded plastic can withstand both liquid and solid hazardous waste, such as liquid alkalis, acids and industrial chemicals.

Of course, its applications are not limited to hazardous waste - it is equally applicable for the transportation of valuable substances. It is also approved for food contact.

A cost-effective, space-saving, solid and reusable handling of your material.

Many advantages in a container

No metal parts

All parts of the CC Container are produced from high density spray-molded plastic, which means corrosion is no longer a problem.

Superior strength and stability

The CC Container is constructed with shock absorbing ribs both around the lid and at the bottom. This provides superior shock absorption, strength and stability.

Easy to stack

The bottom of the CC Container fits into the lid, which means that you can simply stack filled containers during transport and storage. The lid design also allows you to place straps for the transport of barrels.


The special construction allows you to place two filled containers on top of each other when transporting and storing. The waste container can also be stored empty in each other, giving seven containers within the height of an ordinary container.


The CC Container provides more efficient transport and storage, is easier to handle and will not deteriorate over time. This makes it more cost-effective.


Bolts and nuts are made of plastic materials with exceptional strength.

Easy to use

The smart solution with a large, removable lid and an inner screw cap makes the CC Container very easy to use. The large lid has eight bolts to ensure that the container is completely dense.


Patent No.: 339661

United States Patent: D81188

Different waste fractions

Symbol food waste  Glass packaging symbol  Metal packaging symbol  Symbol residual waste  Hazardous waste symbol  Symbol battery  Small electronics symbol  Symbol garden waste  Symbol blacklisted plants  

Watch the video and find out more about CC container

A proper handling of waste

  • Leakage test - not less than 20 kPa (3psi)
  • Vacuum test – to accommodate liquid liquid
  • Drop test with full containers from 118.87200 cm and - 20 °C
  • Stacking test with 3 full containers for 28 days and in 40 °C

The waste container is designed to meet the UN performance test criteria for Packing Group II - medium hazard for liquid materials, and Group III - high hazard for solids. 

Product features

Person screws up the inner lid


– The large lid of the container can be removed completely.

– The lid is attached with eight bolts, which can be opened and locked by turning 270 degrees with a 10 mm hexwret key.

– The bolts do not come into contact with the contents of the container.

– The lid has a small lid in the middle with an opening of 170 mm, in order to more easily fill the container with small objects and liquid. The screw cap can be opened with your hands or with a barrel wrench.

– The lid tilts slightly towards the middle so that any content goes down towards the opening in the middle.

– The container is UV protected.

– Developed in Norway – manufactured in the EU (Denmark).


1. Fixed waste container

2. Liquid waste container

3. Food waste container

Available options

– Pressure relief valve 3/4" placed in the inner screw head.

– Strainer for inner opening in the lid.

– Special gasket for certain liquids.

– Handling equipment adapted to the container.

Parts that can be purchased separated

– Bolt with nut: 8-pack and 100-pack

– Complete set of gasket

– Complete lid


– Materials: High density polyethylene. Polyamide with 10% fiberglass in nut and bolts.

– Volume: 190 liters.

– Outer diameter 60 cm, height 110 cm including lid.

– UN certified for 125 kg fixed hazardous waste class II and III: 1H2/Y125/S/16/DK/NET9901A-MEZ

– Norwegian patent increase no. 20150321 with international expansion.


– Container certified for solid hazardous waste; Green

– Low level of radioactive material or waste

– Corrosive liquid

– Liquid alkalis and acids

– Oil-contaminated water and radioactive sludge

– Industrial cleaning agents

– Lubricants

– Food oils and food waste


Container 190 L, 13 kg


QUALITY: Sabic HDPE – M80064

Large lid


QUALITY: Sabic HDPE – M80064

Small lid


QUALITY: Sabic HDPE – M80064

Bolts and nuts


QUALITY: Sabic Du Point PA, Zytel – ST801



QUALITY: Sabic HDPE – M80064

Bolt gasket



Rubber gasket for large lid


QUALITY: Neoprene sponge rubber

Rubber gasket for large lid

SUPPLIER: O-ring inner screw cap

QUALITY: Neoprene sponge rubber

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Download design specifications

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