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+47 476 60 111 Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 Hydrovegen 19, 3933 Porsgrunn
+47 476 60 111 Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 Hydrovegen 19, 3933 Porsgrunn

Need a drinking water tank with a faucet?

Then eco tank is for you!

How to get water at the cottage without running water? In areas with scattered buildings you often need your own water supply, such as water tank drinking water, because the distance to connect on municipal or private water works is too great. Whether you choose to go for drinking water from wells, streams, lakes or ponds, you must have a place to store your drinking water. We have therefore developed the Eco Tank water tank to provide you with the best solution for storing your drinking water when you do not have access to tap water. 

The Eco Tank water tank has a faucet at the bottom and is therefore a good choice for storing drinking water. The unique design of the Eco Tank makes it work just as well for collecting rainwater and for storing e.g. well water. 

Why choose Eco Tank?

What solution for drinking water at the cottage should you go for? It is not always easy to know which water source will meet your needs. We have therefore collected some points that make it easier for you to choose our water tank for drinking water!

Approved for drinking water

The water tank is made of HDPE which is plastic approved for drinking water and is the same plastic that you have in your water pipes at home.

Durable plastic

Durable plastic causes the water tank to have almost perpetual durability. The plastic UV protection causes the plastic not to go crazy. 

Two inputs

With two entrances, you can easily fill the water tank from the upper entrance, and drain drinking water to the household from the lower faucet. 


Help the EU achieve the goal of a circular economy. Select ecotank that can be recycled. 

Eco Tank history

Eco Tank is manufactured in Denmark. Local production is seen as a more environmentally friendly development, and we want to give our customers a better alternative.

Eco Water is a Norwegian-based company, which develops and distributes water purification systems. They develop their products, such as water tank drinking water, to provide customers with clear environmental benefits and stimulate sustainable development.

Mezonic is the production company that manufactures the container of Eco Tank for Eco Water. They have extensive experience in developing innovative quality products.

Product characteristics of water tank drinking water

White water tank
  • Capacity: 190L

  • Internal filling height: max 99 cm. 

  • Height: 104 cm //lid, H 107,5 m/lid, including ribs. 

  • Outer diameter: 59.5 cm, including ribs around the lid. 

  • Weight: approx. 13.5 kg. 

  • Water tank drinking water is produced according to ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment)


Faucet on the water tank

Prices and booking

Does eco tank sound like a solution to you? Order the water tank for drinking water today for just £249 from the well-known online store!