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Water stop valve - Arjonstop

Water damage is the largest type of damage at insurers. The automatic water stop valve Arjonstop ® alerts and shuts off the water in the event of a water leak. The coverage area is expanded using the wireless sensors, which are placed in all rooms without drains. This makes it easy to shut off the water in case of a water stop valve leak, even when no one is at home. An automatic test of the valve is performed once every 24 hours, using the built-in automatic function control, to ensure it is working properly.

At low temperature, frost guard will alert when the temperature becomes low and close before the risk of freezing. There is only power in the engine during opening and closing the valve. This prevents heat and condensation in the electronics.

Advantages of using water stop valve - Arjonstop®

Detecting leaks

Notifies you in the event of a leak

Closes the supply of water

Minimizes damage


Water stop valve information

The Ajonstop water stop valve consists of an engine-controlled ball valve, control unit, wired and wireless sensors, as well as the option of optional equipment such as wireless wall switch.

The control unit has wired connection with the motor-controlled ball valve connected to the housing water inlet.

The ball valve for the water stop valve has a robust design and is made of drinking water approved plastic. There is fast, soft opening and closure without pressure shock in pipes. Arjonstop works even in the event of a power failure due to its built-in battery pack for operation of the plant for up to 6 hours.

Arjonstop Connect can be used with Arjonsmart. With this add-on solution you will get notification via your smartphone, and you will also have the option to turn on and off the water from your smartphone.

Arjonstop Connect

The automatic water stop valve can also be purchased with app control. This is an additional product Armaturjonsson offers. In the video, you can see how the system works.

See how Armaturjonsson collects everything in an app.

Arjonstop's product box
Arjonstop Control Box
Arjonstop Sensor

Product video

How to set up water stop valve?

Package contents

Reset to factory settings

Connect power supply

Assembly of Arjonstop Connect


Do you have any more questions about installing Arjonstop? See our FAQ page.

Water stop valve specifications

Parts for water stop valve


3/4" inner thread


Black and white

Surface treatment


Warranty and Terms

Jrf. FL-VA/VVS 2016

Pressure test

10 bar

Moisture resistance

Do not expose to moisture, as components contain electronics.


Dusting only

The package contains

1 piece of ball valve w/gear and temperature sensor + 5m communication cable. 1 piece control box. 1 wireless sensor. 1 sensor cable (5m).

Other information

Wireless switch NRF No.: 5648703, Wireless Sensor NRF No. 5648705.

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