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+47 476 60 111 Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 Hydrovegen 19, 3933 Porsgrunn
Mezonic Recycling Solutions

In 1998, we had a desire to develop and mass produce next-generation packaging systems for radioactive materials, based on an idea from the Department of Energy Technology (IFE). For the first 15 years we were known under the name Nuclear Protection Products AS. In 2017, this part of the business was separated as an independent company, under the same name. At the end of 2014 we acquired the company Grepi Plast, which among other things has helped develop a special barrel for the transport and storage of various types of waste, both liquid and dry goods. Mezonic Recycling Solution currently offers waste containers and services in the field of tracking and route optimization to the industry. 

  • Waste container
  • Drum Trolley
  • Efficient waste management

Efficient waste management

In cooperation with APX Systems, we offer the it solution of the future, so that the waste industry has a more dynamic system and can retrieve waste according to real need. We offer a standard solution that is great for most people in the industry, but we can also tailor our IT system to their needs and existing systems. Together we optimize waste management and make you more efficient! 

Innovative waste container

The CC Container is developed with people, the environment and the climate in mind. It is designed for storing and transporting everything from food waste to hazardous waste. The waste container is the highest certified container on the market to date. The injection-molded plastic can withstand hazardous waste, such as liquid alkalis, acids and industrial chemicals.

Ergonomic comprehensible

We have developed an ergonomic fatter all for handling waste containers. The length and angle of the handle is adapted to provide a natural movement when tilted from portrait over at "driving angle".  The joint attachment for the wheel shaft makes it easier to tilt up the container and allows you to put the container directly onto a pallet. It has been given a torque arm to tilt up the barrel making it easier to get heavy barrels onto the trolley. Large, puncture-proof, air-filled wheels of Ø 260 mm make it easier to get over obstacles such as thresholds and the like. The barrel is specially designed to fit the CC Container, but is equally suitable for traditional steel barrels.

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