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Close-up of a 3D-printed prototype innovative plastic products Specialist in the development of | Plastic production Product development Prototyping | Close-up of grass and sunshine Waste container developed with respect to food waste to hazardous waste people, the environment and the climate CC Container for everything from Fishing in the sea, swimming together Sustainable production Innovation Environmentally friendly and climate friendly and the use of plastic

Good solutions

for sustainable recycling

Multidiscipline product development

which provides innovative products

Injection molding and 3D printing

of products from 0.0005 to 11 kg

Introduction of Mezonic

Customer cases

Market sectors

Grocery industry

For the grocery industry we deliver containers for food waste. We have also had several product development projects where we looked at future packaging solutions.

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Hotel, restaurant, catering

Hotels, restaurants & catering experience many of the same challenges as the grocery industry. We supply containers for food waste, but we have also developed hygiene products and cutlery for bread, meat and fish.

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Industry – Environmental technology

Within the industry – Environmental technology, we have developed containers for hazardous waste and a drum trolley to manage the waste. We have also developed parts for machines and appliances. In addition, we have developed components for dashboards and control systems.

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Pharmaceutical industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, we have been involved in the development of top and bottom lids for medical containers.

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Medical equipment

Medical equipment is a very exciting industry that we contribute to, and has currently participated in several interesting projects.

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Within the construction sector, we supply small components primarily for this sector and also Geolock to brick system for Aaltvedt Industrier.

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Offshore & Subsea

Within the sector Offshore and Subsea, we have created process models. Both large and small models, which we 3D prints and machines. We've also made corrosion dectors and we have created models of processing plants and equipment.

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Consumer market

We have many exciting products in the consumer market, for different audiences. We have developed WOW Cup for kids, WOW Sports bottle, Belt lamp, the toy Beljo and wall mount for iPhone under the product name ScreenSight.

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Electromechanical Industry

For electromechanical industry, we have component production for circuit breakers.

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Renovation and recycling

In the development of renovation and recycling, we have developed various innovative solutions. We supply an IT solution that contributes to efficient waste management, in addition we have developed an ergonomic fattralle and CC Container for storing and transporting everything from food waste to hazardous waste.

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