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+47 476 60 111 Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 Hydrovegen 19, 3933 Porsgrunn
+47 476 60 111 Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 Hydrovegen 19, 3933 Porsgrunn


1 What the terms apply to
The terms and conditions apply to the purchase of goods provided by Mezonic AS. The Terms of Business will apply as far as these are appropriate. In the event of any contradiction, the present terms will precede the general terms of business

2 Parties
The parties to the agreement are the party registered as the buyer of the item (Company/ m. Contact person) as well as the party that is the supplier/seller of the goods; Mezonic AS (NO 979 821 131).

3 Writtenness
In these terms, writtenness is required by buyer/ Mezonic, requirements are met using email, letter, fax or similar.

4 Booking and agreement process
Buyer's order is binding when the order is registered with Mezonic. The buyer will receive order confirmation from Mezonic. Discrepancies between the buyer's order and confirmation of orders from Mezonic are considered a new offer from Mezonic. Buyer can accept or decline new/discrepancies in offers from Mezonic.

5 Subject to write/print errors and whether the item is sold out
Mezonic reserves the right to make write/printing errors occur. Which may mean that Mezonic cannot deliver according to information provided in our correspondence, our marketing or otherwise. Neither Mezonic nor the customer are bound by the agreement if the other party realized or should have realized that there was a write/print error. Mezonic reserves the right to cancel the buyer's order or any part thereof if the item is sold out. If the item is sold out, the buyer will be notified of this w. information/offer of compensation item. The customer may choose either to accept Mezonic's new offer with the changes that are more detailed in relation to the customer's original order or to cancel the order.

6 Prices
All prices are ex. value added tax and incl. VAT. environmental fee. Total cost incl. Sales tax. for booking will be provided by booking confirmation from Mezonic.
Payment is made in accordance with agreement between Mezonic and buyer. Unless otherwise agreed, shipping and ev. fee come in addition. In case of non-payment, the claim will be sent to debt collection.

8 Delivery
Mezonic delivers the item according to order confirmation. The business/invoice address means the address registered in the Brønnøysund Register Centre. Mezonic is the owner of the item until it is taken over by the customer. The item is deemed taken over by the customer when the customer has received the item in its possession. The items are shipped together when they are available in stock.

9 Examination of the item
Once the buyer has received the item, the buyer shall urgently investigate whether the item complies with the booking confirmation. In case of defects or errors, the buyer should contact Mezonic as soon as possible on the stated tel./ mail.

10 Sold out
Is an item sold out, Mezonic should inform the buyer. The buyer will also receive information about the new delivery date.

11 Complaints
11 a) Delay from Mezonic
If the buyer does not receive the item or delivery is delayed under agreement between Mezonic and the buyer and this is not due to conditions on the buyer's side, the buyer may claim fulfillment or terminate the agreement. Reference is made to Section 5 of the Consumer Purchase Act. If the delivery of the products is delayed, the buyer will receive information immediately after Mezonic has become aware of the reason for the delay.

11 b) Failure and lack of goods
Any defects and defects in the product should be reported to Mezonic as soon as possible after the buyer has detected errors. Notice shall be given in writing. If the products have a fault or deficiency, Mezonic has the right to seek to rectify errors. If such correction is not possible, the buyer may require a resupply, price reduction or termination of the agreement. The buyer will receive a written confirmation of his complaint.

11 c) Buyer default
If the buyer does not pay or fulfil the other obligations under the agreement and this is not due to circumstances on the Mezonic side, Mezonic may in the circumstances withhold the goods, claim the fulfillment of the agreement, claim the agreement raised and claim compensation from Buyer. Mezonic may also charge interest in the event of delayed payment, debt collection fee and non-prepaid unclaimed goods.

12 Right of Withdrawal
The buyer may undo the purchase of the item under the provisions of the Withdrawal Act. The buyer must notify the seller of the use of the right of withdrawal within 14 days of receiving the item. When using the right of withdrawal, the item must be returned to Mezonic within 14 dg after the notice return. Mezonic repays the purchase price to the buyer according to agreement; 14 days from the time Mezonic received/checked the item in return.

In case of right of withdrawal, the buyer must pay the cost of return. The buyer may examine the product before use of the right of withdrawal. The item must be returned to the seller in the same condition and quantity as it was in when the buyer received it. The goods are returned in original packaging.

13 Sales pledge
Mezonic has a sales pledge in the delivered item until the purchase price, incl. interest and costs are paid in full.

14 Disputes
The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes in amicably. If this fails, the buyer can bring the matter before the Consumer Council. The dispute shall be resolved under Norwegian law. Brought the case before the courts, it shall be decided in the buyer's venue.