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The emergency container

  • The emergency container can be used in most risk situations.
  • The container is specialized in storing everything from clean drinking water to infectious biological material, hazardous waste, corrosive liquids, oils, medical waste and sharp objects such as spray tips.
  • The container can be ordered in different colors to distinguish them from each other and marked with stickers.
  • The CC container can be easily stored and used by anyone who has an emergency need and a requirement for emergency storage.

Why choose the emergency container – the CC container

Easy stacking

The bottom of the CC Container fits into the lid, which means that you can simply stack several containers on top of each other.

Leaves no residue

In case of infectious biological waste, the entire container can be burned without leaving residue. 

Easy to clean

The container is easy to wash after each use. It can also be disinfected if needed.


It can withstand most of the weather. All the way down to 20 minus degrees. It can be dug down and has a long shelf life.


The container is space-saving, as it can be stacked in to each other when the container is empty. 

100% HDPE plastic

CC Container is made of 100% HDPE plastic (high density polyethylene), with shock absorbing ribs. This makes it very sturdy and durable, ensuring a safe shipping of hazardous waste. 

Can be recycled

After the life of the CC Container, it can be recycled and contribute to a circular economy.

Easy to carry

The container can be easily moved around with a trolley.

A container you can trust

CC Container is developed in Norway and manufactured in Denmark. We have the environment and society in focus. Mezonic has extensive experience in plastic production, as well as good material knowledge and partners who work for solid and durable solutions. 

CC Container is UN certified for all of the above applications. Designed to comply with THE UN packaging performance test requirements for packaging group II – medium hazard. 1H2/Y400/S/18/N, 1H2/Y1.2/50/18/N. CC Container is approved to carry 115kg of broken glass and syringe tips. 

CC The container for drinking water is manufactured according to ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment). It is made of HDPE plastic and can be used to store drinking water up to 10 years without any proven effect on drinking water. HDPE is BPA free.

Product features

Green waste container with lid
  • Capacity: 190L

  • Internal filling height: max 99 cm. 

  • Height: 104 cm //lid, H 107,5 m/lid, including ribs. 

  • Outer diameter: 59.5 cm, including ribs around the lid. 

  • Weight: approx. 13.5 kg. 

Person screws up the inner lid

Are you ready to join Norway's emergency response?

The DSB recommends that every household should fend for themselves for at least three days if a disaster occurs. The contingency plan states that every person should have stored 9 litres of water and two packets of crispbread, in case the infrastructure gets into trouble. This is in order for the rescue services to focus on helping those who need it most. CC The container is a good option for storing water. Using a 190-litre tank like the CC Container, you won't need to change the water as often, and it's easy to store in the basement or garage. The container can also be ordered with faucet.

CC The container is also well suited to store food since it is closest to airtight, keeping pests and moisture away. Thus, you can safely store spare food without worrying about the destruction of food. By putting two containers on top of each other, you will easily fit several containers.

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