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Details of the competition benefitsa sanipex

Win drinking bottle and Arjonstop®

We have in cooperation with Armaturjonsson packed drinking bottles in 100 of our Sanipex plastic distributor cabinets! Not enough with this we have also spiced up 10 of the cabinets with gift cards on...
Road prone to earthquakes

Have you checked out the Norwegian contingency plan?

We're used to living a safe life in Norway where everything mostly works properly, but what do we do if that changes?
Firefighters extinguish the fire. Big flames

How to minimize the risk of self-ignition when handling lithium batteries?

There has been a steady stream of reported fires and explosions since lithium batteries were introduced in the 1970s. Learn more about what measures can be taken.
123... 7, 2014

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New energy saving requirements

There has been a greater focus on saving energy consumption in the world, and with the new regulatory requirement in Europe related to energy savings, there is a need to find new solutions. Grepi Plast AS developed and patented a new special clamp for insulated pipes, which meets the latest regulatory requirements in Europe related to energy saving.

Corrosion in the pipes within the insulation

/ Offshore /
On offshore installations and onshore refineries and other petrochemical plants where there are large amounts of pipe streets, there is a challenge that corrosion may occur in the pipes on the underside of the insulation. There are various methods for detecting CUI problems, among other things. using X-rays and ultrasound, but this is complicated and cost a lot of moneys. The [...]

Hidden corrosion for gas companies

/ Offshore /
How to detect corrosion during insulation? It costs gas companies more than 100 million to detect corrosion, and they have therefore needed to develop a new solution for this.