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Have you checked out the Norwegian contingency plan?

You are part of Norway's emergency plan, says the campaign from DSB and Oslo Municipality, which started in the winter of 2018. The new HBO series "Chernobyl" has led many to buy iodine tablets in fear that there actually will be a radioactive discharge. We are used to living safely in Norway where everything mostly works properly, but what happens if the power, water and the internet disappear? Have you done your part of the emergency plan?

The reason why dsb and Oslo Municipality have chosen to go out with information about the contingency plan right now is climate change. In recent years, there has been more extreme weather, which in the worst case could cause the infrastructure to lapse. Our vulnerability is related to the fact that there is so much we depend on for daily life to work. It is therefore important that we have a contingency plan.

Society will be better equipped to deal with crises, if large parts of the population were prepared for the first few days of a emergency. Then help will be available to those who really need it. How can you handle it? It is important to assess the risks and vulnerability of their own home to be prepared for what may occur.

Part of the contingency plan is that each household should fend for itself for three days. We are therefore encouraged to have a reserve storage with the basic needs: drinking water, food, medicines and heat sources. With these preparations, each family will be prepared to deal with a crisis even for a few days, and if the crisis lasts for an extended period of time you will have better time to plan what to do next.

You are recommended to fill your emergency storage with:

· 9 liters of water per person.

· Two packets of crispbread per person.

· A packet of oatmeal per person.

· Three cans of dinner canned food.

· Three bags of dry food per person.

· Three boxes with food with long shelf life per person.

· Some bags of dried fruits or nuts, biscuits and chocolate.

We at Mezonic want to focus on the importance of taking part in the contingency plan of Norway in each household. We have developed a container approved for the storage of drinking water and food. It can be stored in a basement or garage. The container can accommodate 190 liters, here you will be able to fill enough water for the household for several days if necessary. With the CC Container, you can store enough drinking water for a family of four, for 5-6 days.

The container can also be used to store dry goods such as crispbread and canned food. Due to its closest airtight property, pests will not get to and moisture will be kept away. You will therefore be able to store food here completely safely. Also, algae will not be produced in the container that can destroy drinking water. Therefore, there will be no need to change the drinking water as often as with a container that is not airtight. Two containers can be just stacked on top of each other, so you can accommodate both drinking water and food for your family in case of a crisis in Norway. If you want to know more about the CC Container, continue reading here.

Order the CC Container to get started with your emergency warehouse! It is also found with faucet.


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