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+47 476 60 111 Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 Hydrovegen 19, 3933 Porsgrunn


3D printing
Prototype is produced with 3D printer

How do you make a prototype? Which method should you choose?

When making prototypes, you should be clear about what you want to do with it - what you want to achieve is crucial for how to make the prototype. As it is time consuming and often relatively expensive (depending on what it is). You can live by the rule "do not shoot sparrows with a cannon" and ...
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3D printing of Ibsen statuettes

3D printing of Ibsen

Here at ProtoFAB, we print mostly mechanical parts, components and prototypes, but right now we are doing something quite different. We have received an order for 30 small Ibsen figures that Telemark County Museum sells as souvenirs! The figures are printed in one of our SLA600 printers here in Porsgrunn. You may be curious about how ...
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Close-up of a 3D-printed prototype

What is a prototype? – What should it be used for and why?

A guide to getting started with your first prototype A prototype is a first draft of your new product. The purpose of producing prototypes is to check fit, whether the solution will work and "validate the design." The product idea itself is also tested as far as possible, before seriously...
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3D-printed fetuses

Pavels Innovation and their 3D printers make it possible to get a picture of the baby from 2. Trimester

As featured on Good Morning Norway on TV2, today's technology makes it possible to create a 3D figure of fetuses. Read more here.
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3D-printed oval shapes, with test of different finishing

Pavels will revolutionize the 3D printing in Europe. Competitive prices and short-lived components

Through the company ProtoFAB Norway, Pavels Innovation has started a print centre in Porsgrunn that can produce plastic components on behalf of customers. Read the full post here.
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