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Tracking and route optimization

We help you streamline waste management

Do you want full control of the waste containers and optimized driving routes? Then our tracking and route optimization system can be the right solution for you! In cooperation with APX Systems, we provide an IT solution that contributes to efficient waste management through waste management tracking and route optimization.

The service we offer includes

We offer an easy-to-use tracking system, with RFID chips, GPS device, mobile app and tablet. You get a full overview of your waste containers in live maps and access to a route planning tool. You will have a full overview of your containers, type of container and filling level so you can optimize the use of the fleet and crew. Here you will have the opportunity to work with route optimization, calculate tolls and traffic in real time, and you get useful information about, among other things, heights under bridges, traffic barriers and congestion. 

You can adopt our standard solution, or let us tailor our IT system to your needs. Together we optimize waste management and make you more efficient!

Our expertise

Since 2015, Mezonic Recycling Solutions has offered various innovative solutions to the waste industry. Among other things, we have developed an ergonomic fattralle and CC Container for storing and transporting everything from food waste to hazardous waste. We are constantly working to find new smart solutions to help develop a better society for the environment and people.

We cooperate with the Norwegian IT company APX Systems AS,which has extensive experience in tracking and logistics solutions. APX Systems supplies all industrial software with associated hardware. Their focus is on logistics, tracking, processes and labelling. The Norwegian-founded company started in 1992 and has since then delivered 600 solutions to key Norwegian customers.

The IT solution is used by

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