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Wow Gear, in collaboration with Mezonic, Grepi Plast and Pavels Innovation, has developed drinking bottles focusing on a better and more user-friendly drinking method. The unique drinking bottles are developed for both children and adults, for everyday life and for exercise.

Mezonic AS is the co-owner of Wow Gear. Wow Gear operates mainly in the United States, but they have their products in many Norwegian stores.

The patented drinking solution allows you to drink 360 degrees around the bottle. It is completely waterproof and comes with a travel lid to avoid unnecessary exposure of the drinking spout.
  • Drinking bottles for babies
  • Drinking bottles for young children
  • Drinking bottles for older children
  • Sports drink bottles
  • Splash Infuser
  • Snack containers

WOW CUP for kids

WOW CUP drinking bottles for children stand out especially, as the patented drinking solution is 360 degrees. There is no spout on the bottle, which causes less damage to the teeth and are recommended by dentists. The children will with this bottle learn to drink from the edge, as this will make the transition to glass easier. The bottle are also waterproof and there is no risk of spillage. You can separate the bottle, this allows you to simply do a good cleaning of the bottle, so you are confident that your child receives a germ-free bottle.

The children's drinking bottles are under the product names WOW CUP mini, WOW CUP baby and WOW CUP kids. WOW CUP mini is from 6 months+, WOW CUP baby is from 9 months+ and WOW CUP kids are from 12 months+. 

The WOW CUP mini is designed with a familiar feeding bottle shape for young children. WOW CUP baby has grab handles, which make it easier for your child to keep the drinking bottle. WOW CUP kids have an adult design shaped like a glass.

WOW CUP mini can be ordered at Amazon.

WOW GEAR Sports Drink Bottle

WOW GEAR sports drink bottles are designed for adults for mountain walks, backpacking and for hard sessions at the fitness center. In this product category, they offer transparent bottles and insulated steel bottles. This is a very durable and simple bottle to have to do with it. The bottle can be separated, which makes it easy to clean. With 360 degree drinking opportunity, you get a more efficient workout. WOW GEAR does guarantee no spills of water with these drinking bottles.

  • The insulated steel bottles keep the water cold for 24 hours.
  • The transparent drinking bottles can be washed in the dishwasher.

WOW GEAR transparent sports drink bottle can be ordered at Amazon.

WOW Splash Infuser

The WOW Splash Infuser is designed to provide a natural flavoring to water and provide motivation to drink enough water during the day. In this small container with holes in, you can add sliced ​​fruits, vegetables and herbs. It has a tool in the middle that gives you more flavor. It can be used in drinking bottles, cups and glasses. 

WOW Snack container

WOW GEAR snack containers provide a spilling-free solution for children. Children can enjoy portion-wise snacks on the sofa or car, completely without spilling. Children will find it fun to eat a snack with this container, because it has to be shaken to get the snack out. It is completely safe to store food in, as it is BPA and PVC free. It can be seperated in two parts, which makes it easy to clean.

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