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Renewable and climate-friendly energy in our premises and production

We are constantly working to find the best solutions to develop the most environmentally friendly and climate-friendly products for our customers. It is an important topic for us to be proven what choices we make and who we work with. When it comes to energy in our premises and production, we use renewable and climate-friendly energy.

We use Skagerak Varme AS, which delivers climate-friendly heat, and they harness energy that would otherwise be lost. They are a member of The Norwegian District Heating, the interest organisation for the Norwegian district heating industry, and together with them aim to promote the development of district heating and waterborne heat, primarily based on renewable energy. Skagerak Varme AS uses a heat pump based on seawater in Horten, waste heat from the industry in Porsgrunn, and bioenergy based on forest chips in Tønsberg. Skien District heating supplies energy based on bioenergy (tile).

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